How can I recover a deleted Windows account?

Episode 1218 (1:52:01)

Gina from Venice, CA
Windows 10 Action Center

Gina is using Windows 10, and uses a PIN code to access Windows. She's been getting error messages in Chrome, though, that she can't visit a site because she's not an administrator. Leo says that her Chrome browser uses her Google account to access websites, so it shouldn't have anything to do with her Windows account. It may have something to do with using a work account since the IT department may be blocking certain sites. She can just log out of that account in Chrome and log in using her personal Google account.

She also accidentally deleted her account, so now when she tries to log into Windows 10, it doesn't recognize her. The good news is that Gina is in the habit of backing up her data, so she hasn't lost anything. Leo says that since she has a backup, she can go into Recovery and "restore this PC to its original settings." She can either restore without erasing data, or she could erase the data and do a clean install of Windows 10. This will give her the option of signing in with a Microsoft account, and all should be well.