How can I burn a DVD?

Episode 1218 (18:59)

Jan from Jacksonville, FL

Jan wants to know how she can watch all of her videos on the TV by making a DVD. Leo says that things are changing and less people are relying on optical media. If she wants to burn a DVD, she'll need software that will import all the videos and craft a disc to burn it. Is Nero still good for that? Leo says that Nero is fine, but almost all video editing software will burn DVDs now.

Leo likes Adobe Premiere Elements because she can import her videos, trim them, add music, stills, text, etc. and then burn them directly to the DVDs.

What's the alternative do DVDs? Leo says that physical media is dying. Most video stores have closed. Most computers aren't even including DVD drives anymore. Leo advises archiving onto an external hard drive.

Photo By User:Wanted, User:Ochro [CC BY-SA 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons