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Watch Greg from Camarillo, CA Comments

Greg wants to know how fast his website should load. Leo says that studies show that if the website doesn't load within 5 seconds, people assume it's busted and move on. Often the delay is due to being on a shared server to save money. If the company puts too many sites on a server, and they likely will, or if one site takes up most of the bandwidth, then the rest suffer. The site itself could also be the problem.

If Greg is using too many large images, that can also slow it down. Virtual servers are becoming the norm, and that's far better than a shared server. But ultimately, if he's running a business, he'll want a dedicated server.

Watch Jan from Jacksonville, FL Comments

Jan wants to know how she can watch all of her videos on the TV by making a DVD. Leo says that things are changing and less people are relying on optical media. If she wants to burn a DVD, she'll need software that will import all the videos and craft a disc to burn it. Is Nero still good for that? Leo says that Nero is fine, but almost all video editing software will burn DVDs now.

Leo likes Adobe Premiere Elements because she can import her videos, trim them, add music, stills, text, etc. and then burn them directly to the DVDs.

What's the alternative do DVDs? Leo says that physical media is dying. Most video stores have closed. Most computers aren't even including DVD drives anymore. Leo advises archiving onto an external hard drive.

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Watch Dave from Washington DC Comments

Dave runs a photo lab and he says it's very important to print photos on archival material because most photo labs have pictures on a CD, which may not be able to be read in 10-20 years. Especially if they're burned discs. He agrees with Leo that the best long term solution is printing on archival quality prints. A basic one hour lab doesn't do that. Printing at home can be even worse. The heads clog up, and the paper is substandard, and the ink is dye based. Dye based inks have improved and some printers actually print archival quality images, though. The paper you print on actually matters too. Pigment based printers are better. Leo also says that most one hour photo labs have converted over to ink jet printers. And then there's those cheap photo books that are made with PVC pages and when heated, it destroys the dye in the paper of the photos.

Leo also says it's best not to rely on a single method of storing. Print the ones you want to look at, save all of your images in several places and in different formats. The 3-2-1 backup strategy is made up of three copies, on two different formats, with one off site. That's the best way to future proof and protect your memories in the long run.

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Watch Paul from Spring Hill, FL Comments

Paul wants to know what tablet he should buy. Leo says the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a great buy.

Watch Victor from Anaheim, CA Comments

Victor wants to know how the Internet works and who owns it. The Internet is essentially a collection of networks. There's a great book about its foundation called Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins Of The Internet by Katie Hafner. It was a project of DARPA which got computers and networks to talk to each other. So in essence, the Internet is merely a protocol, with individual networks owning each other. The wires between them, however, are owned by ISP companies. But nobody really owns the internet. It's non governmental, and it's changing our world.

ICANN, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, is the group that assigns addresses. It's like a giant phone book.

Watch Michael from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Michael is doing an online memorial to 9-11 and those who have lost their lives since. He's got a video at

Watch Christopher from California Comments

Christopher streams videos of his gameplay on and his computer is starting to bog down. Leo says those "Let's Play" videos are huge, but it really does tax the processor power when it's juggling both high performance gameplay and streaming. Most use two computers networked together so that one plays the game while the other broadcasts the videos, but Leo says that's not ideal, actually.

A more powerful PC is probably the best way to do it, as most PCs how have multiple processors. And with hyper threading, more powerful processors like a Xeon along with a more powerful GPU would likely do a better job than stacking computers via HDMI. The software Christopher uses should harness his GPU for streaming so it takes the heavy lifting off the processor. Leo advises talking to others on Twitch to see what they do.

Watch Elizabeth from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Elizabeth wants to undo whatever her nephew did to her PC after he came to visit. He's got mad computer skills and she caught him rummaging around her computer without her permission. Leo recommends backing up her data, formatting the hard drive and reinstalling Windows from a known good source. That way any modifications he's made will be wiped out.

Watch Joan from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Joan is trying to add a link to her Paypal account in a Word document. When she copies and pastes the link, she just gets an error message that says "last action could not be completed." Leo says that just typing the URL should automatically turn the text into a hyperlink. Leo advises not copying and pasting a link. Joan should just give people her email address that's connected to her Paypal account. Paypal has a new mobile money transfer that will give her a special address so that she can transfer money directly.

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Watch Brandon from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Brandon would like to create affiliate links so that he'll get a percentage of the sale. Leo says that Amazon was one of the early pioneers with this. Brandon could check out, which would allow him to do this.

Check out this Wikipedia page on Affiliate Marketing for information on the history of affiliate marketing online, and the pros and cons of these programs.

Watch Gina from Venice, CA Comments

Gina is using Windows 10, and uses a PIN code to access Windows. She's been getting error messages in Chrome, though, that she can't visit a site because she's not an administrator. Leo says that her Chrome browser uses her Google account to access websites, so it shouldn't have anything to do with her Windows account. It may have something to do with using a work account since the IT department may be blocking certain sites. She can just log out of that account in Chrome and log in using her personal Google account.

She also accidentally deleted her account, so now when she tries to log into Windows 10, it doesn't recognize her. The good news is that Gina is in the habit of backing up her data, so she hasn't lost anything. Leo says that since she has a backup, she can go into Recovery and "restore this PC to its original settings." She can either restore without erasing data, or she could erase the data and do a clean install of Windows 10. This will give her the option of signing in with a Microsoft account, and all should be well.

Watch Timothy from Michigan Comments

Timothy wants to know what camcorder should he buy. Leo says that point and shoot cameras have great video recording capabilities now and the Sony RX100 is great. The Olympus OM-D will allow him to have interchangable lenses. But the bottom line is, he'll likely shoot most of his video with his mobile phone anyway. So he shouldn't get a separate camcorder. But what about long shots? Leo says he doesn't really want long video shots. He should get in the habit of shooting 10 second clips.