How can I make my iPad 2 run faster?

Episode 1217 (16:35)

Alan from Hawaii

Alan is wondering if his iPad 2 could wear out. Leo says only if he bangs it around to physically damage it. Alan says it doesn't work as fast as it used to, though. Leo says that the one flaw of solid state memory is that it gets slower over time. So it may be worthwhile to refresh it from time to time. It's the same advice with mobile devices as with computers. About once a year, it's a good idea to backup your data and then wipe and refresh the device. It won't get it back to 100% of the original speed, but it should get most of the way. Also, Apple is rumored to be making performance better in older devices with iOS 9.

Alan wants to know if he should wait to upgrade to Windows 10. Leo says he loves Windows 10, but there's a huge update coming in October and if he's at all skittish, then he'd suggest waiting. But check the compatibility checker and if it passes that, then chances are he's ready to go. Alan should wait for Microsoft to invite him to it. Then he'll know the computer is ready.