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Watch Alan from Hawaii Comments

Alan is wondering if his iPad 2 could wear out. Leo says only if he bangs it around to physically damage it. Alan says it doesn't work as fast as it used to, though. Leo says that the one flaw of solid state memory is that it gets slower over time. So it may be worthwhile to refresh it from time to time. It's the same advice with mobile devices as with computers. About once a year, it's a good idea to backup your data and then wipe and refresh the device. It won't get it back to 100% of the original speed, but it should get most of the way. Also, Apple is rumored to be making performance better in older devices with iOS 9.

Alan wants to know if he should wait to upgrade to Windows 10. Leo says he loves Windows 10, but there's a huge update coming in October and if he's at all skittish, then he'd suggest waiting. But check the compatibility checker and if it passes that, then chances are he's ready to go. Alan should wait for Microsoft to invite him to it. Then he'll know the computer is ready.

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Watch Greg from Conifer, CO Comments

Greg has an old computer that won't boot up from the BIOS. It just stops with numbers and letters. Leo says he's had that problem. Greg should disconnect all of his USB devices except the keyboard. This means he has either a bad USB driver or bad USB device.

Another common issue is that the USB drives may be drawing too much power. He could also try disconnecting any bus powered devices and use a powered USB hub. He shouldn't boot from the USB powered device either. That could be causing the system to wait or it's in conflict with another master boot record which could be corrupted.

A shorted out USB drive could also cause it. He should disable 'Boot from USB.'

Watch Tom from San Diego, CA Comments

Tom wants to know the best place to have a website made for his business. Leo says one place is Lullabot. The website was created by Four Kitchens. But they aren't cheap. It cost Leo a quarter of a million dollars.

Leo says that for Tom, a hosted solution like SquareSpace is great because they have amazing site design tools, the sites are scalable, and they have eCommerce options. They try hard to stay polished and state of the art. It's the best solution for hitting the ground running with creating an effective website. And they'll grow with a professional design team if he needs to hire one down the line. Tom should go to a domain registrar and register his domain name immediately! is Leo's favorite.

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).

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Watch Chris from Boseman, MT Comments

Chip has all of his photos on his laptop and would like to get them on DropBox and an external hard drive before it fails. Leo says that the drive option is the easiest and fastest. Then he can just drag and drop them. The problem, though, is that iPhoto puts it all into one huge file called the iPhoto Library. He could drag that file over and then reopen it in another instance of iPhoto, or he can hold down the Command key and click on the iPhoto file and select "Show Package Contents." Then he'll find the original photos and he can copy those over to the original drive.

How about DropBox? Leo says that Dropbox is more of a file sharing solution and would be dependent on upload speeds. If he has a ton of photos, it would take forever. And he may not be able to use that old laptop to upload. So Leo recommends going with the drive option.

Leo also says he'll want to make sure that the drive is properly formatted for FAT32 due to the age of the laptop.

Watch Ruben from San Diego, CA Comments

Ruben is backing up his photos with his 2TB hard drives and he's wanting to organize it according to Leo's suggestions. What's the best way to organize them? Leo says he uses Adobe Lightroom and he has it set to import photos according to year, month, and day. That way he can easily go to the exact date to find photos. Then, from now on, it'll import according to that structure. He can use tags in Lightroom to further organize it to make it far easier to search. Lightroom also has an iPad app to sync collections to.

Of course, Google Photos makes a great backup online as well.

Watch Julie from Orange, CA Comments

Julie wants to know how she can understand the IP addresses she sees in her Gmail. Leo says that a cellphone company IP address may be attached somewhere other than where she lives, because they're located in another location. If there's an authorized app, that app can go through her Google Mail and contacts and that could have a different IP address as well.

Watch Mike from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike wants to know if his work can know where he goes on the internet with his company laptop. Leo says they probably have the right to, but it depends on whether or not they have tracking software on it or not. Even with a public Wi-Fi spot, they may be able to track his online behavior. Courts have upheld that as long as it's on company hardware as well. He probably had to sign an agreement of understanding regarding it.

Watch Shell from West Covina, CA Comments

Shell's trying to rescue her address book and images after her mobile phone went belly up. It's a flip phone. If it died, there's really not much she can do since it's not a smartphone. She could try an independent third party cellular phone store. They have machines that could be able to suck the data off a dead unit.

Watch Roy from El Monte, CA Comments

Roy has an SSL certificate error. Leo says it's most likely a system date/time issue. It could also mean he has malware on his system. Leo recommends reformatting and reinstalling Windows.