Is there a Bluetooth keyboard that would let me type on my iPad in portrait mode?

Episode 1216 (12:49)

LeAnn from Los Angeles, CA
Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

LeAnn just bought a new iPad Air 2 and she's trying to find a good external keyboard for it. Her old one allowed her to type vertically or horizontally with it. Can she get one that will do the same with iPad Air 2? Leo says that the down side of getting a new iPad is that it's thinner and she'll lose out on using other third party devices like external keyboards. Leo says that the Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover by Logitech should allow her to rotate the device, but if not, there are plenty of other third party options.

Snugg makes one that rotates 360°, and it's half the price of Logitech's. It doesn't rotate from landscape to portrait, though. There's the New Trent AirBender 3, which has an arm that allows it to rotate, but again just horizontally. The Ultra Thin Magnetic Clip-on Keyboard by Logitech will do that as well because it's magnetic, but still -- it doesn't look like it will work in portrait. It seems like the current design of keyboard folios prevent you from going portrait to keep it more secure.

The Logitech Bluetooth Multi Device Keyboard K480 does show a phone and an iPad, and the iPad is in portrait mode. It has a three position switch to switch between the three devices as well. The SHARKK keyboard also shows it supporting a portrait mode.

The chatroom says that the Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard could do it. But it's about $80, so it's not cheap. Leo suggests getting a stand and wireless keyboard separately, though. He uses the Dekke Slope stand. Then LeAnn can just get any Bluetooth keyboard for it.