Should I avoid the Galaxy Note 5 because the stylus gets stuck when inserted incorrectly?

Episode 1216 (53:24)

Frank from Michigan
Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Frank saw that Leo got his S Pen stuck in his Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and is wondering if he should avoid buying that phone. Leo says there's only two features he'd miss out on if he were to do the same thing, but the pen itself should still work. He'd just lose the ability to write on the screen while the screen is darkened, and the notification if he leaves the pen behind.

Samsung's answer to this is to read the manual and not put the pen in the wrong way. Leo believes they'll fix it down the road. If he were to find himself in this situation, there is a way to fix it without breaking the sensor in the phone. He could put a straw around the stylus, and that will push gently against the lever and release it. Even if that part breaks, though, Leo doesn't think it's the end of the world. Poor design, though, that's for sure.