Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1215 (17:57)

This week, Johnny talks about something that American Airlines is doing. If you fly American, be aware that AA tries to sell you a "preferred seat," which only gets you closer to the plane entrance. So it's kinda of a rip off. What you really want to pay for is Main Cabin Extra, which gives you extra leg room. Johnny recommends going to to find the seats you want. Also check out Skytrax, it's like Trip Advisor for airlines.

This week's travel app - DUFL. It's an app for shipping your clothes ahead, so they will be waiting for you at the hotel. It's a bit pricey at $99 per trip, and airways are really cracking down on charging for extra bags. DUFL sends you a suitcase and then they'll pick it up and store it. So you have clothes that are stored with DUFL and then use the app to choose what clothes you want on the trip. They'll pull them, press/clean them, and then ship them to the hotel. If you're a business traveler, this is an interesting new service. But the downside is, that some hotels will charge you to receive a package, so call ahead and see. Available on iTunes and Google Play.