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Watch Wayne from Monterey, CA Comments

Wayne has been using Apple Music and it seems to use a lot of data. Leo says that T-Mobile has a great gig going on where they allow users to stream for free, and it doesn't count against user bandwidth caps. But AT&T doesn't offer that.

Leo suggests looking in the Music app for a quality setting. If he can turn down the bit rate to save data, then he'll be ahead of the game. Otherwise, downshifting to 3G by turning off LTE when he streams music may be a good idea. The chatroom says that he can cache his music when he's on a Wi-Fi network and then play it without taking a hit on his data plan.

Watch Tina from Wisconsin Comments

Tina wants to know if Verizon has improved their call quality. She left because it was so bad. Leo says that thanks to VoLTE, (Voice over LTE), the call quality has improved remarkably. Additionally, some carriers also support Wi-Fi calling, which has fantastic call audio quality. Most carriers offer two week trials where if you don't like the service, you can return the phone and cancel. So give Verizon another try. The quality has improved.

Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

What about Apple's recall of the iPhone 6 Plus? Leo says that there is a recall, pertaining to the iSight camera and likely it pertains to image stabilization. Tom can go to and put in his serial number. It'll tell him if his phone qualifies for recall. Then take it in to the Apple Store and they'll repair or replace it. But back it up first, because chances are, he won't get it back as he gave it to them.

Watch Wayne from Irvine, CA Comments

Wayne has a MacBook Pro and it has memory problems. He's tried removing programs and data, but it keeps filling up. Leo recommends a disc explorer program for the Mac.

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Watch Pat from Anaheim, CA Comments

Pat has been dealing with someone targeting her with phone calls. Leo says it's not likely a stalker, but there's a scam called 'call spoofing' that uses robo dialers to try and get you to answer. But she says that they can break into an existing call. Leo says that's likely call waiting. There's not much to be done about these calls. Pat can try and block the call on her cell phone. She can also try and change her phone number, but that likely won't help either. Pat should contact her cellphone provider and see what solutions they can offer.

Watch Clarence from Palm Springs, CA Comments

Clarence just let go of his Samsung Galaxy S3 because the microUSB port was loose and it wouldn't charge. So it's time to get a new phone. He can pick up a Samsung Galaxy S 5 or a Note 4. Leo says that the Note 4 is a great phone and that's the one to get. He can get a charger cover that supports Qi. It's a great charger. Should he "Frankenstein" a system together and DIY it? Leo says he could. He did that on the Note 3, but the negative is that it makes it harder to remove and replace the battery.

Watch John from Riverside, CA Comments

John has his laptop set to auto updates, but his laptop shows that no updates have been installed. Leo says that there's no need to rush to that conclusion. If he's upgraded to service pack 1, then he has them all. Failed updates will cause updates from not being able to add anymore. So if he has a failed update, then google "microsoft troubleshooter windows update." He'll find how tos on how to remove the stuck update and then he can reinstall it. Not unusual, but he really should fix it. Blocked updates will prevent him from updating his OS, and that's a bad thing.

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Watch Pat from Corona, CA Comments

Pat has been making videos of his trips along with images that he's taken. He uses Paintshop Pro and nobody supports it anymore. Leo says it's high time to upgrade to Adobe Lightroom. Paint Shop Pro is well over a decade old and sooner or later, a company is going to stop supporting it, called "end of life." Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is best designed for that. Even Photoshop Elements will get him mostly there. Better yet, the Adobe Creative Cloud Photographers subscription is only $20 a month.

The chatroom says that Paint.Net is a freebie and it's very similar. The chatroom also says that Corel still sells PaintShop Pro, so he may just need to buy the new version.

Watch Ed from Upland, CA Comments

Ed is suffering from macular degeneration. He's color blind and using a computer is getting harder. Leo says making the characters bigger and bigger on the resolution settings. But Ed says he also has Retinitus Pigmentosa, which is like looking through a milky glass, so making the characters larger doesn't help much. At some point, screen readers like JAWS can help. But they're very costly. Ed should check with the Foundation for the Blind and Lighthouse for the Blind for assistance. There's a Chrome plugin called Deluminate, which inverts the luminance of a website. There's also open source screen readers like NVDA.

Watch Terri from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Terri is ready to buy a new HDTV, what's a good affordable one? Leo says that the Vizio E series is a very good buy. She'll want to get a larger screen than she thinks. For 10 feet away, a minimum size is 55". Make sure it's LED Backlit with local dimming. To watch Netflix and Amazon, get the smart TV and Vizio makes the best smart TV apps. When she gets it home, she should put it into movie mode. It'll look better. She'll also want to consider getting a home theater in a box or sound bar. Speakers built into HDTVs aren't very good and it's assumed she'll get a home theater system to go along with it.

Watch William from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

William can get a Samsung Galaxy S6 for about $350 with Verizon, or he can switch to TMobile and get it for another $200 cheaper. Leo says he has the S6 Edge and it's a great phone. Best camera ever. Excellent voice recognition with Google Now. Great price.