Why can't I sign up my son for his own Apple ID?

Episode 1214 (56:06)

Josh from Sun City, CA

Josh wants to set up Family Sharing so that his son can access purchased content without having access to everything else. He went to create a separate Apple ID for his child, but Apple said it requires a credit card to verify that Josh is an adult. Apple says he could use a credit card to confirm it, and then remove the payment information afterwards. But Josh doesn't have a credit card, and Apple doesn't seem to have any way around that. Leo says Apple is really missing the boat here by not offering some sort of backup verification option. Leo suggests writing to Tim Cook. He has an office just for issues like this, and Leo believes that Apple will address it.

Tim Cook
Apple Computer
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA

Josh might also try tweeting him at @TimCook