Why am I getting survey pop ups when visiting websites?

Episode 1214 (36:01)

Ron from Hayden, CO

Ron can watch TWiT on Internet Explorer with no problem. But when he gets on Firefox, he has trouble with popups of surveys. Leo says that's not his site, that's for sure. Leo suspects that it's an issue with Flash. Internet Explorer has Flash built in, as does Chrome. So it sounds like maybe there's an issue with no Flash being installed, and Firefox might have a browser hijacker object that's popping up.

Ron should go into his extensions and remove anything he doesn't recognize or use. The added benefit is that it will make the browser run faster. So it's a pair of issues including a bad Flash player, and a browser hijack item. Since Ron uninstalled Firefox, he's probably OK. That's why Leo says if you're using Flash, then use a browser that has Flash built-in (like Google Chrome) so it's always updated.