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Episode 1214 August 23, 2015

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Audience Questions

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Watch Richard from West LA Comments

Richard was trying to transfer over his photos from his camera to his phone via Wi-Fi, but he can't find them. Leo says he does the same thing with his Sony because it's NFC enabled. But he'd need an app to do it. So if he doesn't have the app, then it may not have been received.

Watch Robert from L.A. Comments

Robert wants to know why his CD drive door won't close when he turns off the computer. Leo says it won't hurt anything to just push it in, although Robert says it doesn't feel right. There could be a software driven command that will do it, but he'll have to have it constantly running. He should try just gently pushing it before he turns off the computer to see if it will close on its own with a nudge.

Photo Credit: Evan-Amos

Watch Virginia from Monterey Park, CA Comments

Virginia bought an Asus laptop -- did she do the right thing? Leo says that Asus makes really good hardware but she's right to question it if she was convinced to buy it by a salesman seeking commissions. But Leo says that Asus makes very credible hardware.

Leo says that Virginia may have too much computer for her needs. He advises she take the laptop back and get a Chromebook. It's far more secure, easier to use, and will meet her needs. Asus actually makes a really good one.

Watch Ron from Hayden, CO Comments

Ron can watch TWiT on Internet Explorer with no problem. But when he gets on Firefox, he has trouble with popups of surveys. Leo says that's not his site, that's for sure. Leo suspects that it's an issue with Flash. Internet Explorer has Flash built in, as does Chrome. So it sounds like maybe there's an issue with no Flash being installed, and Firefox might have a browser hijacker object that's popping up.

Ron should go into his extensions and remove anything he doesn't recognize or use. The added benefit is that it will make the browser run faster. So it's a pair of issues including a bad Flash player, and a browser hijack item. Since Ron uninstalled Firefox, he's probably OK. That's why Leo says if you're using Flash, then use a browser that has Flash built-in (like Google Chrome) so it's always updated.

Watch Joe from Florida Comments

Joe is frustrated because video is constantly buffering on his phone. Leo says it could be the phone. Older hardware has to work harder to play hi-res video. But more likely, it's Joe's carrier, which can have limited bandwidth. Since Joe is using Sprint, they've been late in coming to the LTE party, and it may be that LTE isn't available in Joe's area. An older phone, like an iPhone 4, won't even support LTE. A new phone will help, but Joe should make sure LTE is supported in his area.

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Watch Josh from Sun City, CA Comments

Josh wants to set up Family Sharing so that his son can access purchased content without having access to everything else. He went to create a separate Apple ID for his child, but Apple said it requires a credit card to verify that Josh is an adult. Apple says he could use a credit card to confirm it, and then remove the payment information afterwards. But Josh doesn't have a credit card, and Apple doesn't seem to have any way around that. Leo says Apple is really missing the boat here by not offering some sort of backup verification option. Leo suggests writing to Tim Cook. He has an office just for issues like this, and Leo believes that Apple will address it.

Tim Cook
Apple Computer
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA

Josh might also try tweeting him at @TimCook

Watch Conner from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Connor just bought a new external hard drive, but he doesn't know what sync program to use for backup. Leo says that on the Mac, he could use ChronoSync or SuperDuper. On the PC side he could use Second Copy or FreeFile Sync.

Watch Tony from Ontario, CA Comments

Tony is trying to upgrade Windows 7 to Service Pack 1 so he can update to Windows 10, but he can't get it installed. Leo says that sometimes antivirus software can get in the way. But it can also happen if he's trying to update SP1 piecemeal. Tony should download the entire service pack and install it all at once. Paul Thurrott at says he can download the Windows 10 ISO directly and install it from scratch and then verify that he has Windows 7 by inputting his serial number. If not, he should backup his data, wipe the drive, and give it a fresh install of Windows 7. That should allow him to update it to SP1. Then he can update to Windows 10.

The chatroom suggests rebooting into SafeMode with Networking and try the update. That way he's stripped it down to the bare minimum drivers enabled.

Chatroom - Here's a few suggestions

- Troubleshoot issues installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (
- Microsoft quietly rewrites its activation rules for Windows 10 (ZDnet)
- ProduKey v1.80 - Recover lost Windows product key (CD-Key) and Office 2003/2007 product key. (

Watch Chuck from Nashville, TN Comments

Chuck keeps getting bugged by notifications to upgrade to Windows 10, but he doesn't want to because it doesn't offer a replacement for WIndows Media Center. Leo says it's rude that Microsoft deletes Windows Media Center when upgrading.

Is there a suitable replacement? Leo says there are, but only with Linux (like MythTV). Leo says he should just keep Windows 7 if its all working for him just fine. But how can he get rid of the 'Upgrade to Windows 10' ad? It's driving him nuts. Leo says that the ad is part of Windows Update 3035583. So if he uninstalls that hotfix under add/remove programs, he can get rid of it.

If he wants a Windows Media Center substitute for Windows 10, the chatroom suggests JRiver.

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Watch Chris from Virginia Comments

Chris' mobile phone battery is draining really fast. Leo says that if he has the latest OS for both iOS and Android, it gives him a lot more data on what's taking up his battery life. But there's also third party apps like GSAM Battery Monitor for Android. Often though, poor cell signal coverage can cause depleted battery life as the phone works harder to find a signal. A higher resolution screen can drain the battery more as well. If his phone is constantly checking for data like email, notifications, social media updates, etc, that can also drain battery life. The problem is, mileage may vary because of habits, usage, and apps.

Watch Carl from Rhode Island, CA Comments

Carl wants to know how Secure Safe works for password protection. Leo says they use a key that only he has, and it backs that up with second factor authentication. So only he has access to his encrypted data. Not even SecureSafe can unencrypt it, and that's exactly what Carl will want. He can store 15 passwords for free. But Leo says they check all the right boxes, so it should be OK. Leo typically recommends LastPass, which has also been vetted by security expert Steve Gibson.

Watch Glen from Missouri Comments

Glen got tired of all the errors in Windows 10 and he rolled back to 8.1. Leo said he did the same thing and you have 30 days to do so. But when Glen did it, he got an error message that the restoration was incomplete. Leo had that problem as well, and it's why he recommends always running a backup first just in case. Things fail, and that's why backups are important.

Watch Walter from Huntington, WV Comments

Walter's sister had a Windows 7 laptop that hasn't been connected for a few years. When he connected it, the automatic updates didn't install. Leo says that she's so far behind, it'll take a half day to get all the updates, it'll probably have to be updated manually. Walter should check for updates and then install all the updates that pop up. He doesn't have to install the optional updates though, just the critical ones.

Watch Murray from Tustin, CA Comments

Murray wants to know if he needs to install an antivirus for Windows 10. Leo says no. Windows 10 has its own antivirus that is automatically turned on called Windows Defender. But also, viruses spread so fast that antivirus software can't really keep up. It can't protect against 'zero day' exploits. Antivirus is really only a backup. The first line of defense is online behavior. The number 1 priority should be to keep the computer updated.

Watch Anthony from Ontario, CA Comments

Anthony shares his internet access with a tenant who wants hardwire access to the modem. Leo says that makes it difficult to isolate, and he'll need a second router, or better yet, a third router. He should segment them on the network so that the tenant doesn't have access to Anthony's data. Leo recommends checking out for how to do it.