How can I transfer images from an old Palm Pixi?

Episode 1213 (1:01:54)

Karen from Ventura, CA

Karen is trying to transfer pictures from an old Palm Pixi phone to her laptop but she gets an error message about having too many cards open. Leo says that the phone Karen is using runs WebOS and that likely means there is a memory issue. She should close all unneeded apps except for the one used to transfer the photos. Support is going to be difficult for it. If the computer sees the phone as a drive, then she can just drag and drop. But if it doesn't, Karen may need drivers to support it. Another option is to email or text the images to herself.

There's a software update for the Pixi through Verizon here. There's also a technote at

Leo also advises contacting HP to see if they have a utility that she can download to unload data. Google 'Palm Pixi drivers for Windows', download and install them. WebOS Doctor is another utility Karen can try.

The chatroom also says that the Pixi may have Bluetooth and she could possibly transfer them that way.