Do I have malware on my system?

Episode 1213 (1:28:35)

Dave from Portola Hills, CA

Dave was on a government website and he got a popup that he may be infected with malware, which forced him to reboot the system to get out of it. He's worried now that he's been infected. Leo says that's a good instinct. This has been happening a lot. Often, it happens if you've mistyped the URL, which leads you to a malware site. This is most likely from Javascript, though, which doesn't impact your computer and is designed to scare you into installing something or paying someone to claim to unlock it. But it could also be what's called a "zero day exploit" where a flaw gets discovered and bad guys immediately exploit it. So Dave should make sure he's up to date with all of his patches. He should turn on automatic updates and use Chrome or Firefox, which is always automatically updated.

Dave can also run the Malicious Software Removal Tool by typing the Windows key + R, and typing MRT.