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Watch Larry from Petaluma, CA Comments

Larry has a new Dell desktop with Windows 10. He wants to know how to create a recovery backup. It fails every time when he writes it to USB. He asked Dell, but they say they can't because they don't have recovery disks yet.

Leo says it could be as easy as a bad or unsupported thumb drive. He should try a different thumb drive. If that doesn't work, a third party utility like the EaseUS Windows 10 Migration Utility will do the job.

Watch Julie from West LA Comments

Grandma Julie called a few weeks ago and Leo advised her to get a MacBook Pro for her grand daughter. Leo says that the 13" version would last her all through college. But it may be a good idea to go to the Apple Store and check which one she likes best. There's also the MacBook Air, which is a nice light version. In the middle is the standard Macbook with Retina, but it's a bit pricey. Leo has a 13" that he carries around and it's not bad. The Retina display is beautiful.

Watch Jeffrey (Captain J) from Port Charles, Florida Comments

Jeffrey wants to know if a larger screen phone uses up more data than a smaller screen phone. Leo says that it could the case when streaming video. Sites like Netflix and YouTube will notice that you're using a high resolution screen and automatically stream higher resolution video, and that definitely uses more data.

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Watch Ed from San Jose, CA Comments

Ed was surfing on his iPhone in privacy mode and his app screen suddenly locked when he was searching, saying he was engaging in illegal traffic and he had to pay $500 to unlock the screen. Leo says that's a scam done by Javascript. His phone really isn't locked down. It's not leaving anything on the system. It's "sandboxed." It's not perfect, though, as there could be holes in the Javascript code. Leo suggests double tapping the home button and swiping up to kill the app. On the desktop, NoScript will prevent this from happening by blocking Javascript. But most websites use Javascript now, so his surfing experience may be diminished by doing that.

Safari on the iPhone has the ability to disable Javascript and there's also a fraudulent website warning in privacy and security settings.

Watch Karen from Ventura, CA Comments

Karen is trying to transfer pictures from an old Palm Pixi phone to her laptop but she gets an error message about having too many cards open. Leo says that the phone Karen is using runs WebOS and that likely means there is a memory issue. She should close all unneeded apps except for the one used to transfer the photos. Support is going to be difficult for it. If the computer sees the phone as a drive, then she can just drag and drop. But if it doesn't, Karen may need drivers to support it. Another option is to email or text the images to herself.

There's a software update for the Pixi through Verizon here. There's also a technote at

Leo also advises contacting HP to see if they have a utility that she can download to unload data. Google 'Palm Pixi drivers for Windows', download and install them. WebOS Doctor is another utility Karen can try.

The chatroom also says that the Pixi may have Bluetooth and she could possibly transfer them that way.

Watch Brant from New York Comments

Brant has an issue that when he's gaming online, and someone else starts streaming Netflix, suddenly he gets a lot of latency. Leo says that's just because his bandwidth goes down because there's so much being used. One thing Brent can try is QOS (quality of service) where he can set his router to prioritize bandwidth traffic through the ports that gaming and streaming apps use.

Brant should look for a gaming router that supports QOS and then it'll let him set it to prioritize the traffic he wants, like gaming. QOS on an Asus router is very good for gaming. Also, hardwiring the computer into the router will give him better performance for gaming.

Watch Murris from Coronado Comments

Murris has an error message that says she's out of application memory and she had to do a hard reset to get it back. Leo says that's called a hard crash. Murris should always make sure she keeps it up to date with OS updates and patches. But chances are, Murris left something on in the background and it may have crashed which caused it.

It could also be what's called a "memory leak," where an app doesn't free memory when it's done. Leo suggests opening up "Activity Monitor" on the Mac and it will tell her what's going on and what's using the memory up.

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Watch Dave from Portola Hills, CA Comments

Dave was on a government website and he got a popup that he may be infected with malware, which forced him to reboot the system to get out of it. He's worried now that he's been infected. Leo says that's a good instinct. This has been happening a lot. Often, it happens if you've mistyped the URL, which leads you to a malware site. This is most likely from Javascript, though, which doesn't impact your computer and is designed to scare you into installing something or paying someone to claim to unlock it. But it could also be what's called a "zero day exploit" where a flaw gets discovered and bad guys immediately exploit it. So Dave should make sure he's up to date with all of his patches. He should turn on automatic updates and use Chrome or Firefox, which is always automatically updated.

Dave can also run the Malicious Software Removal Tool by typing the Windows key + R, and typing MRT.

Watch Steve from California Comments

Steve just got a new ultra high definition 4K TV and wants to know how he can best enjoy it. Leo says there really isn't a lot of 4K content right now and what there is (Netfflix, DirecTV Video on Demand) is heavily compressed. It depends on how good his bandwidth is. 25-50 Mbps down is what he'll need to watch House of Cards on Netflix. It needs to be a consistent 25 Mbps, not "as fast as" like cable providers say. There's also emerging 4K Blu-ray players. When they come out later this year, there will be a flood of content coming out. So Steve is a little ahead of the curve, but not by much.

Watch Elliot from Boston, MA Comments

Elliot wants to clean up his email box. Leo suggests Leo says it's a free service that goes through your inbox and unsubscribes you from mailing lists. Elliot will have to give it access to his email, and unfortunately, it only works with a limited number of providers. Leo says that one thing he can do is create a maildrop email, one place that he will only use for signing up for stuff like newsletters. That way if they sell that email address, it doesn't matter. He could also forward all of his existing emails to it automatically.

Watch Robert from Pasadena, CA Comments

Robert is an aspiring filmmaker and he uses a DSLR to make his films. He's planning to upgrade to a better platform, but wants to know how he can improve his audio. Leo suggests Beachtek. They make devices that will allow him to run real XLR microphones into his camera's minijack and take advantage of better preamps as well. That's the best place to start.