How can I use my phone while traveling internationally?

Episode 1212 (2:04:49)

Tim from San Diego, CA

Tim is traveling and wants to know how he can save money on data charges. Leo advises going to and he'll find a list of countries and cellphone providers in those countries that offer SIMS, how much they are, and where he can get them. But he'll also want to know if his phone supports the traffic where he's going. Verizon was CDMA up until lately, when they transitioned to LTE world phone models. That means they have SIM cards.

The EU has decreed that all countries offer free roaming so you don't need 13 different SIM cards. Leo says you can also go with T-Mobile. They offer free international text and data at EDGE speeds. Some places offer free 3G service as well. But Wi-Fi is everywhere, and it will especially be in his hotel. He can also use pre-cached maps through HERE Maps. He can download them, pre-cache them into his phone, and they will work with his phone's GPS without using any data.