How can I get video off my DirecTV DVR?

Episode 1212 (59:14)

Steven from Los Angeles, CA
Composite cables

Steven records Tennis matches on his DirecTV DVR and he would like to copy the video files off. Leo says that's called digital video extraction and television broadcasters are paranoid that people will pirate those recordings. But there is an exception called the analog hole. This is where Steven would put a recorder between the DVR and the TV itself. He can't do it via HDMI, though. That's still got HDCP copy protection. But the red/white/yellow composite or red/green/blue/white component connectors will allow him to do it. He may also need an analog to digital converter. And the DVR has to have those analog outputs. If they don't, then he's out of luck.

This HDMI to Composite video splitter automatically strips out HDCP copy protection, so this is an option as well.

Photo Credit: Evan-Amos