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Watch Frank from Lemonburough Comments

Frank got fooled by a Phishing popup. He called the 800 number that was associated with it and they charged him $300 to "fix it." Leo says they were pretending to be Apple Care. It's a scam. Frank suspected chicanery and called Apple Care, who confirmed it was a scam. Leo says that's a smart thing. So he turned off the computer. He doesn't see anything wrong with his computer, but what should he do? Leo says that chances are they probably didn't get far, so Frank is probably OK. But just in case, he should get a program called Little Snitch. It'll watch outbound traffic to see if they put anything on it.

Watch Paul from Columbus, OH Comments

Paul has a Dell XPS series desktop that's about six years old. He's getting a message that it's not available for a Windows 10 upgrade. Leo says that could be. Although that computer is more than capable of running Windows 10. Leo advises updating the motherboard drivers. First he should roll back to Windows 7. Then he can update the drivers, run the compatibility checker, and then try installing again.

The chatroom says there are workarounds, but Leo is nervous about working around the issue. It's far better to be patient. Sooner or later drivers will be available to upgrade, and there's no real hurry. Paul has a year to upgrade for free.

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Watch Laxman from Ft. Defiance, AZ Comments

Laxman is annoyed that when he logs into his phone, he gets "dots" instead of the password itself. How can he change that so he can see the password? Leo says the idea is to stop people from looking over his shoulder and seeing his password as he types it. But Leo says that he should have the option of not having that. The security merits of it are dubious. The dots also show the first letter briefly, and people could easily record the password as its typed on the keyboard. Sadly, unless his app gives him the ability to see it, he's stuck with the dots.

Watch Ronald from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Ronald is having problems migrating his photos from Picasa to Google Photos. Leo says that PicasaWeb will eventually become Google Photos. The chatroom suggests going back to Picasa version 3.8, and then let Picasa update itself. But Leo says that getting software from a third party is a dicey affair. So if Ronald can get it directly from Google, then he's in good shape. Google doesn't say that Picasa is compatible with Windows 10, and it may not be. Leo suspects that the compatibility issue could be with Windows Edge, their new browser.

There's a forum post on this issue at

Watch Steven from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Steven records Tennis matches on his DirecTV DVR and he would like to copy the video files off. Leo says that's called digital video extraction and television broadcasters are paranoid that people will pirate those recordings. But there is an exception called the analog hole. This is where Steven would put a recorder between the DVR and the TV itself. He can't do it via HDMI, though. That's still got HDCP copy protection. But the red/white/yellow composite or red/green/blue/white component connectors will allow him to do it. He may also need an analog to digital converter. And the DVR has to have those analog outputs. If they don't, then he's out of luck.

This HDMI to Composite video splitter automatically strips out HDCP copy protection, so this is an option as well.

Photo Credit: Evan-Amos

Watch David from Arizona Comments

David is getting a blue screen when trying to use Skype and Windows 10. Leo says uninstall it. Then he should reinstall the desktop version of it, not the Metro version. The issue could be with a driver for his video camera. If the camera is built-in, then he'll have to go to his laptop manufacturer (in this case Lenovo) and get the latest drivers. While he's at it, he should get all of them.

Watch Luis from Tarzana, CA Comments

Luis can't connect to his Wi-Fi at his house, but he can connect to other Wi-Fi networks. Leo says that the first thing to do is connect via ethernet, just to make sure he can connect wired. Then he should try and join the Wi-Fi while he's right next to the router. If he can't connect, he should try rebooting the router. Then reboot the laptop. Then try wired again. It could be a handshake issue.

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Watch Peter from Detroit, MI Comments

Peter wants to know how he can unlock his phone and use it with another carrier. Leo says that according to the Library of Congress, you could legally unlock your phone and swap carriers. Carriers are starting to unlock phones if you've been a member in good standing and your contract is up. But they also will unlock it if you're traveling out of the country. This is largely due to the subsidizing of your phone by your carrier, which is why you pay so little for it. But the trend is now moving towards a month to month model where people will pay full price for their phones and get a lower cell phone bill.

But there are ways Peter can unlock his phone himself through software, or by rooting his phone. He should check out XDA-Developer Forums. But if he just asks his carrier, chances are they'll do it. Some even sell their phones unlocked out of the box. If the carrier has been absorbed, he could try an independent cell phone provider.

Peter can also search for "unlock carrier lock" with his phone model. But he should be careful as some models, like Samsung, make it very hard to unlock the phone. Motorola, on the other hand, is pretty easy to unlock.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay's Mac Mini is starting to crash every 4 hours. What can he do? Leo suspects overheating. It's pretty small, and they do get pretty hot. He could try opening it up, but he'll need a "spudger" to do that. He should probably take it in and talk to a genius.

Watch Ted from Mizzoula, MT Comments

Ted wants to create a new website for his business after parting company with his partner. Is GoDaddy a good option? Leo says it's not his first choice because they use a site builder app that tends to be a bit out of date and makes no provision for mobile devices. Leo suggests SquareSpace. They have more modern site templates and can offer eCommerce. They also support mobile devices, and are very affordable. Google also has some nice site building tools.

He also needs a new laptop. Leo advises the Dell XPS 13. That's the one he uses.

(Disclaimer: SquareSpace is a sponsor).

Watch Tim from San Diego, CA Comments

Tim is traveling and wants to know how he can save money on data charges. Leo advises going to and he'll find a list of countries and cellphone providers in those countries that offer SIMS, how much they are, and where he can get them. But he'll also want to know if his phone supports the traffic where he's going. Verizon was CDMA up until lately, when they transitioned to LTE world phone models. That means they have SIM cards.

The EU has decreed that all countries offer free roaming so you don't need 13 different SIM cards. Leo says you can also go with T-Mobile. They offer free international text and data at EDGE speeds. Some places offer free 3G service as well. But Wi-Fi is everywhere, and it will especially be in his hotel. He can also use pre-cached maps through HERE Maps. He can download them, pre-cache them into his phone, and they will work with his phone's GPS without using any data.