Why did my tablet suddenly stop working on Wi-Fi?

Episode 1211 (49:11)

Richard from West LA

Richard turns off Wi-Fi when he's recording from his Android phone with TuneIn Pro. Now he can't turn the Wi-Fi back on. It does work in safe mode, though. Leo says that means an app is causing the problem. Could be a bad update. He should try resetting his phone. He should make sure his photos are backed up to Google Photos, and that he has his Google contacts backed up. Then go into pure recovery mode and wipe everything. He can also back them up to his computer via MTP. Once that's done, the issue should be fixed.

There's also a bug called "Stagefright" that can exploit a hole to take over the system, but there is an update to address that. There's a free Stagefright detector from LookOut and Zimperium. Also, Richard should turn off automatic reception of MMS.