Why can't I upgrade to Windows 10?

Episode 1211 (1:35:38)

Michael from Arizona
Microsoft Windows 10

Michael hasn't been able to get the Windows 10 download, so he tried to download the ISO and install it. Leo says that it's possible that not all of the hardware was compatible and that's why he didn't get an invitation. But he has a problem that when he plugs in the power, his screen goes blank. Leo says to hit Windows Key + i and go to Recovery. Then he can roll back to a previous version of Windows 8.1. He has 30 days to do that. Then he can restore to the original factory state and try it again. That's how Leo did it and he was able to upgrade and activate it.

But Michael shouldn't force it. He should be patient and he will eventually be offered it.

The chatroom says to use the Windows Key + i and then disable "Adjust Screen Brightness."