Keyless Fob Makes Volkswagens Easily Hacked

Episode 1211 (02:27)

SlimFold Wallet

If you have keyless entry, you're close enough to your Volkswagen, someone could break into your car by using an $18 device to amplify the signal of the key fob. If you also have a keyless ignition, they could easily steal the car as well. There is a fix for it -- a small wire mesh bag that acts as a Faraday cage. But Volkswagon has known for two years that all Volkswagen and Audi cars can easily be hacked and open the car door. And the problem is, it requires a hardware repair to fix it.

Leo recommends using a wallet that blocks RFID signals, and he uses a wallet from SlimFold at There are also RFID blocking sleeves and bags for key fobs, and you can find more of these options on this segment of The Tech Guy episode 1193.