How can I prevent from being ripped off when hiring a coder?

Episode 1210 (2:07:28)

Angelo from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Angelo feels like he's being ripped off after hiring a devloper for an app. All he got was a step by step on how to create it, and not the app itself. Leo says that may be the first step - a paper mockup of what the app will be and how it works. It's called a "functional specification." But if they want more money for that, it may be time to look elsewhere. The hard thing is, when just starting out, you don't know what to look for in an app developer.

Some good options for hiring programmers include Stack Exchange, eLance, and Fiverr. And since WhatsApp was bought for $22 Billion, app developers are charging a lot more these days. And frankly, Leo doesn't know the answer other than to learn how to code.

Photo Credit: Crusher95