Do I need to upgrade OS X to Yosemite?

Episode 1210 (1:31:21)

Bob from Austin, TX
OS X Yosemite

Bob got a message in Safari the other day that his browser was "depricated." All he's been told is that he should update to OS X Yosemite or El Capitan because it will include a version of Safari that has WebKit, which many websites rely on. Leo says that could work, but if his hardware doesn't support Apple's latest OS, then it becomes a money grab by Apple when they abandon this older hardware. Then again, Apple doesn't fall into the end all be all trap that Microsoft fell into for a long time. Sometimes, developers have to move forward and leave older platforms behind. Everyone has gone to WebKit and it's going to happen more often. Upgrading isn't a bad idea if the computer will support it.