How can I keep my email private?

Episode 1209 (1:23:45)

Tim from Moorpark, CA

Tim wants an email service that's free, but doesn't read his email. Leo says that there has to be a way to pay the bills. Someone is paying for that free email and they do it by looking for keywords in email and then tailoring advertising to match it. There's really no such thing as a free lunch, and Leo would be leery of a service that promised free email that's 100% secure. They're either not going to be around long or they're going to monetize his activity without him knowing it.

ProtonMail.CH, a swiss company, claims to do this and even offers end to end encryption. They're doing it with venture capital and crowdfunding. So somewhere down the road, there's going to be some monetization.

The only real solution is to encrypt his mail himself. It's a hassle, because he'll have to share keys with the people he emails. But end to end encryption is really the only way.