How can I learn to design apps?

Episode 1208 (1:41:06)

Devin from Irvine, CA

Devin wants to learn how to write apps to create games. Leo says that the skill is in high demand and every kid is taking computer science classes to learn it. Leo advises starting at iTunes U, which is free. For Android, most of it is written in Java. There are a lot of tools to write in both platforms. Google has great resources on how to write for Android at

There's also plenty of online sources like at UDacity, Lynda, and Coursera. Coursera has even created a nano degree that would allow Devin to get certified in about a year, and that could get him a job. It's about $200 a month, and it should take about six months. There's also, which can get him up and running with a course.