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Watch Jimmy from Maryland Comments

Jimmy is a gamer and wants to know if he should upgrade to Windows 10 yet. Leo says that the biggest reason for a gamer to upgrade to Windows 10 is DirectX 12. But the fact is that a lot of existing hardware won't support DirectX 12 right out of the box. And users have a year to upgrade for free, so there's really no hurry.

It's probably best to play wait and see, at least for a few weeks, just to see if there's any major league problems for others. Meanwhile, Jimmy should be on the lookout for new drivers for DirectX 12 support.

Watch Ron from North Carolina Comments

Ron wants to know if Time Warner Max delivers the high speed it promises. Leo says that it should, and it's all driven by Google, who's putting gigabit internet everywhere. Time Warner Cable and AT&T have started to up the performance of users' broadband to compete. But if Ron doesn't have a DOCSIS III modem, then he's not getting the benefit of that faster internet access. Ron should talk to his provider about getting one or he should just buy it himself. In the long run he'll save money by buying it himself, since he's paying to rent that modem anyway.

Watch Larry from Petaluma, CA Comments

Larry's desktop broke and he took it to get repaired. He was told that his power supply blew out, and his processor didn't have a fan on it. Should he repair it? Leo says that power supplies are an easy fix. Larry's also considering buying a new Dell. Leo says that with Windows 10 out, the older the machine, the more problematic the driver support. But power supplies are a very common failure that's easy to fix.

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Watch Robert from Long Beach, CA Comments

Robert is having trouble with the responsiveness of his website. He's very frustrated with how poor it looks on mobile. Leo says that if the site resizes the site and it looks good, that's responsive design. If not, then it's time to get a better host. More than half of his customers are on smartphones and as such, it's vital to have a website that can look good no matter what size screen they have. But that isn't cheap. Leo says that Shopify should have templates that can handle this. Mobile responsive design is just as important to Shopify as it is to Robert, so he should call them up. They'll help him fix this.

If Shopify can't give him what he wants, Leo suggests taking a look at SquareSpace as well. They offer mobile responsive templates and commerce too.

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Watch Simon from Yorktown, VA Comments

Simon has decided to wait to update Windows 10, but he wanted to download it for a later date. But according to Simon, he only has a three day window to install. What happened to the year? Leo says that the Windows Scheduler is in Windows and it may be listed there. Or he can go into his update settings and turn off the automatic install. But if Microsoft is ready to update his computer, then why not backup the data and install it?

What if he cancels the update, can he update it later? Leo says yes, there's a Windows 10 folder on the desktop that has a setup.exe file in it. He can always run that. And if he does update it and doesn't like it, he'll have thirty days to roll back to Windows 7.

Watch James from West Virginia Comments

James wants to know how long it will take to get Windows 10 on his computer. Leo says that Microsoft is rolling the update out, so it may take a few days to get it. But if he doesn't get it by next week, he could download it directly and install it. The down side of that is that he may not get all the drivers and Leo has found that it doesn't activate. So James should let Microsoft push it to him. That's the best way. There's over 100 million users who are waiting and it's going to take awhile to roll it out. Meanwhile, take the time to get ready by backing up data.

Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Ellie says that Apple Music has screwed up her phone. Leo says that the problem lies with having iTunes Match. What that means is that her phone isn't setup with iCloud Drive, so her phone just doesn't see the files. It hasn't been deleted, it's still in the cloud. iCloud Music Library and Apple Music must be turned on. Otherwise, it will only see the puchased content.

So Ellie should enable iCloud drive and she should see all of her music. Leo says that Apple has done a terrible job educating people as to how Apple Music works with iTunes Match. Check out this experience by Jim Dalrymple at

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Watch Jason from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Jason has been having issues with his ISP because they've changed his internet to UVerse and disconnected his lifeline. Leo says that Jason should file a report with the California public utilities commission, because that's illegal. If he's disabled, as Jason is, then he has even more reason under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Contact TURN, The Utility Reform Network. They are a non profit consumer advocate organization. They'll be able to help.

From Doctor Mom in the chatroom - Check out this article on how this kind of activity is by design at

Watch AJ from West Palm Beach, FL Comments

AJ wants to know how the XBox One streaming to PC using Windows 10 works. Leo says that there could be some latency because of Wi-Fi, but according to Paul Thurrott, it's a great feature that works. Leo does recommend, however, connecting via Ethernet instead. Hardwired is always better.

Watch Devin from Irvine, CA Comments

Devin wants to learn how to write apps to create games. Leo says that the skill is in high demand and every kid is taking computer science classes to learn it. Leo advises starting at iTunes U, which is free. For Android, most of it is written in Java. There are a lot of tools to write in both platforms. Google has great resources on how to write for Android at

There's also plenty of online sources like at UDacity, Lynda, and Coursera. Coursera has even created a nano degree that would allow Devin to get certified in about a year, and that could get him a job. It's about $200 a month, and it should take about six months. There's also, which can get him up and running with a course.

Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay's Mac Mini keeps hibernating on him. Leo says that there's a great app called Caffeine that will keep the Mac Mini from sleeping. It's free. But Leo also recommends updating his OS in order to fix the flaw that causes that. Hot Corners will also help.

Watch Max from Hawthorne, CA Comments

Max's computer has problems accessing websites from his home, but outside of his home, he gets it. Leo says reinstalling OS X and starting over may fix it. What an odd bug. The odd thing is that it's location based. Leo has a hunch it's a network issue, perhaps with the router. He might try resetting that as well. He should also make sure his OS is up to date.

Apple has also acknowledged a problem with something called "Discoveryd," which is a buggy demon that discovers Wi-Fi networks. It can poison the network so he can't use it. Max should power down his Mac, router, and modem, along with any device on the Wi-Fi network. Wait awhile, then reconnect it. He should also clear his caches.

Discoveryd is so bad that Apple has finally decided to give up on it. Here's an article about the problem at (Disclaimer: there is profane language in this post).

Watch Peggy from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Peggy wants to back up her Yahoo mail using Carbonite. Leo says that Carbonite will back up a basic set of files by default. But it will back up other files if she sets it to. She'll have to do that within the Carbonite's settings.

As for backing up her Yahoo mail, that's a bit of a challenge. She saves the attachments, but doesn't know where they are saved. Leo says it should be in her downloads folder, unless Peggy changed that setting. Peggy should go into her browser settings and see where the browser saves downloads to. Once she knows that, she can tell Carbonite to back up that folder. But if they're on Yahoo, then they are always available to her to download until she deletes it. So in essence, her mail is already backed up if it's stored with Yahoo.

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Watch Peggy from Van Nuys, CA Comments

Peggy wants to know where on her computer Windows 10 downloads to, and if it just downloads a file or if it installs immediately. Leo says it downloads to a special folder in the root directory of the C drive. She can leave it there if she wishes, and can wait until she wants to install it.

Watch Ann from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ann had the problem with AT&T cutting her copper and she's been complaining about it and forced them to reconnect it. Leo says that AT&T has a vested interest to move everyone to digital and get them off universal lifeline access. But what they are doing is illegal and we must remind them of that fact rather forcefully.

Ann also wants to know about the C. Crane emergency radio. Leo says they're great because they are wind up radios, which also doubles as a power supply for a mobile device. But it requires a lot of cranking. It does have a solar panel that will power the radio, though.