Why can't I access the internet with Windows 10?

Episode 1207 (33:03)

Michael from Anaheim, CA
Windows 10

Michael updated to Windows 10, and now he doesn't have internet access. He went to Microsoft's website and downloaded it. Leo says he did it that way and a lot of devices didn't get the needed drivers. So Leo thinks that being impatient and updating before Microsoft pushes it is not the way to go. It's much better to upgrade when Microsoft says your copy is ready, and that way you get all the drivers and proper activation.

Leo says it may be an ethernet problem and what Michael should do is download the motherboard drivers from his motherboard manufacturer. If that doesn't work, then maybe rolling back and installing Windows 7 from a clean install is the way to go. It'll certainly fix the problem. The chatroom suggests going with SlimDrivers, a program that goes out and finds all the necessary drivers that are missing and installs them. It's free, but do not get it from download.com.