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Watch Max from Wellington, FL Comments

Max bought one of the early Oculus Rift DK1 on eBay recently. Should he upgrade to the DK2 or wait for the consumer edition? Leo says it's best to wait. It's probably going to cost around $500 and chances are that there's going to be a better option available before then, such as the Vive from HTC.

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Watch Michael from Anaheim, CA Comments

Michael updated to Windows 10, and now he doesn't have internet access. He went to Microsoft's website and downloaded it. Leo says he did it that way and a lot of devices didn't get the needed drivers. So Leo thinks that being impatient and updating before Microsoft pushes it is not the way to go. It's much better to upgrade when Microsoft says your copy is ready, and that way you get all the drivers and proper activation.

Leo says it may be an ethernet problem and what Michael should do is download the motherboard drivers from his motherboard manufacturer. If that doesn't work, then maybe rolling back and installing Windows 7 from a clean install is the way to go. It'll certainly fix the problem. The chatroom suggests going with SlimDrivers, a program that goes out and finds all the necessary drivers that are missing and installs them. It's free, but do not get it from

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Watch Kirk from Crestline, CA Comments

Kirk downloaded a Java upgrade and now all his shortcuts go to an exe file. Leo suspects that Kirk got nailed by malware.There are plenty of security flaws in Java but it may also be that Kirk was doing something at the same time and he got malware. Either way, Kirk has malware, and the only way to be sure that he's gotten rid of it, is to backup his data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known good source.

Watch John from Atlanta, GA Comments

John is staying at an extended stay hotel for a few months and is concerned with internet security with the hotel Wi-Fi. Is there a router he can use to protect his data? Leo says that the D-Link AC750 Travel Router can do a good job standing in the way of the public shared network.

Another option is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). There are travel routers that support VPNs built in as well. They're about $100. Tiny Hardware Firewall is the best one. But they also come with a one year subscription to their VPN service.

Watch Myrna from Santa Ana, CA Comments

Myrna replaced her motherboard a few months ago and now it's dead. Dell says it's out of warranty (90 days only), so she wants a local repair facility to deal with it. Leo suggests going to Yelp in her area to look at reviews.

Watch Mike from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike's iPhone 6 Plus isn't accessing his Wi-Fi consistently. It keeps getting bumped off. Leo says that sometimes Apple products can be a bit promiscuous with Wi-Fi because it's always looking for a stronger signal. But it could be the settings in another device that has Wi-Fi access that's luring his device away.

Mike also can't seem to follow Leo on Facebook. Leo says that he has a private and a public facebook page. And his private page isn't taking followers because it's private. But Mike should be able to follow Leo's public Facebook account.

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Watch BJ from Reseda, CA Comments

BJ has been using the same mobile phone for eight years and everyone says he needs a new Android phone. Is the Motorola Moto X a good choice? Leo says the Moto X is a good phone, and it's about to be updated. But it's got battery life issues.

Leo recommends the lesser expensive Motorola Moto G. He can get it through for $250 out the door. And he can then just put in his SIM and use it. It's the best Android phone out there for the price. It's got better battery life that will get him through the day easily.

Watch Michael from San Dimas, CA Comments

Michael has been using Windows Media Center but now that Microsoft has killed development for it, and the guide for Windows Media Center no longer works, he's been using Kodi. Then he heard of a third party guide which worked great, but now it won't work with Netflix because it's Windows Media Center. Leo says to try MythTV. It's open source, so it won't get killed off, and it has DVR capability. It works great. Another one to try is HDHomeRun.