What's the best five bay NAS?

Episode 1206 (2:05:51)

Greg from Tampa, FL
Synology DiskStation 5-Bay (Diskless) Network Attached Storage DS1512+

Greg needs a five bay network attached storage device (NAS). He's used Drobo, but is wondering if there's something better. Perhaps Synology?

Drobo uses a proprietary system and Drobo is really good at massive amounts of data. But it can't do much else. Synology not only is good for data storage and backup, but also works as a media server and other features that can be used through plugins. So Synology is a great option. But even though it's a great idea to have a backup solution like Synology, it shouldn't replace an off site backup.

Leo also likes the File Transporter, which would allow Greg to have drives that stay in sync with each other in multiple locations.