How can I register a domain in Brazil?

Episode 1206 (10:58)

Chris from Florida

Chris wants to get a domain name for a specific country. Leo says that the international organization called ICANN approves registries and country codes for all domains. Leo suggests Google searching for the domain registry for his country code. Any registrar will work if they support registering the country code he wants. is a good place to start. But he may run afoul of laws pertaining to that country. Brazil, for instance, requires a Brazilian tax ID to buy a domain with their country code.

Chris also wants to get a cheap Android tablet. Leo says going really cheap can be a false economy. First off, those cheap tablets don't usually support Google Play services, so that means he can't really add apps. Leo recommends the Google Nexus 7, if he can find it. Pantech makes an inexpensive one as well.