Why does my hearing aid ring when someone is at the door?

Episode 1205 (1:39:55)

Caroline from California

Caroline bought the Ring doorbell, and she says it takes forever to send her the video and it keeps trying to attach to her Bluetooth hearing aid. Leo says it takes about 10 seconds to notify you of someone at the door. Also, it's the phone that supports Bluetooth, not Ring. Ring connects via Wi-Fi.

It could be that the phone is confusing her hearing aid with a Bluetooth headset, which also has a microphone. Chances are, Caroline needs to look into the software of the phone and make sure the settings are correct. It needs to be set as a speaker only. She should contact her hearing aid company about those issues. They may have a firmware update that addresses it.

But if the hearing aid is properly paired, as Caroline suggests, then there's likely another issue at play here.

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