What's a good microphone and mixer for podcasting?

Episode 1204 (2:10:00)

Brandon from Springfield, MO
Behringer Podcast Kit

Brandon wants to get a mic for his computer so he can do let's play Minecraft videos. What should he get? He wants a mic with XLR outputs. Leo says that a good affordable option is the Shure SM58. They're cheap at under $100 and very robust. He won't be able to break it. He should also get a mixer that has a USB connector that can interface digitally with his computer. Podcaster kits like this from Behringer are a great place to start.

James has a friend who works at Yamaha and the new Yamaha AG series was made for this. It's a sound mixer that's USB bus powered, with an audio inteface headphone and speaker output. Tailor made for Brandon's needs.