Should I pay to keep updating My Ford Touch?

Episode 1204 (1:17:58)

Joe from Santa Clarita, CA

Joe has to pay $150 a year to have his MyFordTouch apps updated. Why should he do that anymore when Waze is in real time? Leo agrees. There's a huge mismatch between how long it takes to build and update a car as an app. Ford no longer supports My Ford Touch and Ford Sync, since that was a Microsoft product. Instead, Ford got app developers to write for them. And the new generation has both Apple (CarPlay) and Android (AndroidCar). They're using the phone as an extension of the car and as such, updates will happen over the air. Unfortunately, it's only with new models. It's not backwards compatible. Leo also recommends HERE Maps from Nokia, which enables him to cache maps. Then, when his internet drops out in a dead area, he'll still get navigation.