How can I sync all my Macs?

Episode 1204 (34:03)

Pat from Carson, CA

Pat has four macs in various locations and wants to know if they will all be synced with iCloud like DropBox does. Leo says yes and no. It will sync, but not via a folder. The key is all the same Macs running the same shared Apple ID. Can she go work on different macs simultaneously? Leo says that could be problematic. To do team operations, a good third party app is GitHub.

What about for eCommerce at Shopify? Leo says Shopify should have team operation support. But it's best to steer clear of the same work. Another option to consider is Google Apps like Photos, Drive and Google Docs. They do that really well. That way she can have different Apple IDs and not share it and deal with stuff like that.

For email, Pat should look into IMAP as the option. This keeps a copy of the email on the cloud server, rather than downloading it and deleting it like POP3.