How can I create a social media site for photography?

Episode 1204 (1:31:59)

Anne from Redmond, OR
Zoom Zoom Zoom

Anne created an app called ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM, a camera app for Android that zooms in various pictures automatically. It can be preset or the user can just manually do it. She wants to create a website that users of the app can upload and showcase their images, like Instagram. Can SquareSpace do that? Leo says that's probably outside of SquareSpace. In fact, it's just as complicated, if not more so, than creating the app itself. Having a community is a challenge, much like gardening and weeds. She'll have to moderate it full time.

Leo suggests just uploading to Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ZoomZoomZoom. Then they're easy to find and she doesn't have to be responsible for the content. It's much smarter to piggyback on services that have already solved this issue.

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