Can I use Time Machine with a MiFi?

Episode 1204 (58:23)

William from Floren, LA

William has HughestNet and it's about to expire. So what are his options? Leo says that Wild Blue's Exceed is the satellite provider he prefers. William has also been using the MiFi instead. Will his Time Machine back up to that when it's not in use? Leo says that Time Machine is a local backup, it has nothing to do with the Cloud or his internet connection.

Can he run MiFi through Apple's wireless router? Leo says that's called WDS by bridging the modem (or in this case the MiFi). And Leo isn't sure that's an option that Apple supports through a MiFi. It's always best to keep manufacturers for both devices. One option is the CradlePoint router that he can connect via Ethernet to 4G.