Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1203 (18:38)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott went to see Inside Out in Dolby Vision HDR and he says it was really good, especially in HDR. But he was a bit puzzled as to why it didn't get released in 3D.

The Value Electronics flat panel shoot out occured while Leo was on vacation and the winner this year was LG's OLED TV. And it was a close ballot, but OLED eeked out a victory. But even while it won, there was a problem...when you play a scene in low brightness, the edges become vignetted. LG knows about the problem and is working to correct it. But it was painfully obvious when a dark scene occurs, and LG has no idea why it happens.

In both cases, between professionals and non-professionals, LG won in a very close race, mostly citing black levels and contrast as the winning feature. Experts, however, decided on the Samsung or the Sony as better. Leo says that means there are three sets that are excellent, and the good news is that quality has increased as the price has gone down.

Will OLEDs come down in price? Scott believes they will, but it depends on if manufacturers keep making them. Samsung stopped, leaving LG the only maker.