Is encryption illegal?

Episode 1203 (54:54)

Gary from Mission Viejo, CA

Gary is concerned with being able to encrypt his data. Is it secure? Leo says it is, but law enforcement can get the keys if asked by Microsoft. Leo says that using BitLocker is a good solution for keeping his data secure, though. What about TrueCrypt? Leo says he can use it, but it will stop working down the line.

How about when Windows 10 upgrades? Leo says he can always downgrade back to Windows 8 if he doesn't like it. Encryption protects us from not only people who want to access our data nefariously, but also from over reaching governments. But they can get the keys if they really want to, and there's little he can do about it. When there's a government back door, then move on to another option. It's not illegal to encrypt his own private data.