Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1203 (1:48:50)

Dick DeBartolo

Dick wanted to know what tech Leo saw on his cruise. Leo says he was surprised that he saw a lot of selfie sticks and a lot of people taking pictures with their tablets.

Today's gadget is the Vivajennz wine purse, which has a bladder for wine in it! It holds up to three liters and includes a spout. Vivajennz purses are great for picnics, pools, beaches, etc. ...But wait, there's more! There's a man's version too. Prices range from about $50 to $70. Jennifer tells her story to me in the video.

Giz Wiz Video: https://youtu.be/yRa2Rj88kVU

Company Website: http://www.vivajennz.com/