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Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike says it's ironic that cars with computer touch screens make it impossible to keep our eyes off the screen when adjusting the radio. They want us to keep our eyes on the road, but they include touch screens and that's nuts. Leo agrees with Mike. Leo says that car companies, and even Apple and Google are looking for hands free solutions including voice operated directions, which work with a smartphone. But Leo doesn't know if that will make things better or worse.

Watch Moe from Ridgecrest, CA Comments

Moe is going to be traveling to India in a few months and he wants to know if Verizon is a good choice for traveling. Leo says no, it really isn't. They've gotten better, since they've left CDMA behind for LTE and that means it could work in India. And the FCC requires all Verizon SIM slots to be unlocked. Moe will have to be sure that the frequencies are supported. He may also request his phone be unlocked as well. A better bet would be to get a cheap GSM compatible phone locally in India, with a local SIM card. He'll have a local number, but it'll work better. Check out

When it comes to international data, Verizon is the most expensive. T-Mobile, on the other hand, offers free unlimited 2G/EDGE data for free.

Watch Greg from Camarillo, CA Comments

Greg is looking into smart sprinkler controllers. Leo says home automation is a great solution, especially for watering the lawn because of the California drought. But he's using the old school timer controllers. Still, having the ability to control his sprinklers is a great thing.

Doctor Mom in the chatroom says that Netatmo will work with SmartThings, and that's a great solution for a central operating hub on a smartphone, rather than having a separate app for everything.

(Disclaimer: SmartThings is a sponsor).

Watch Jerry from Queens, NY Comments

Gary is having thermal issues with his laptop. Leo says that there's a sensor that has probably come off the rails. The fans require suction to work properly. If the case isn't in contact, that could be the case. But more likely, it's just a failed sensor. He should also make sure there's no dust blocking the fans and that there's clean airflow. Leo says that he can turn off the setting that could stop it from bugging him.

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Watch Tom from Ohio Comments

Tom wants to know if there's any way to send images via text without degrading the quality. Leo says no. Texting compresses the image because of data limits via SMS. It's just a smaller pipe. He could email it and choose a larger size, or upload it to a website like Flickr or Google Photos and then send someone a link. Air Drop is another option if he's within proximity of the person he wants to share the image with. He can also double check the resolution of the images he shoots, or use an alternative messaging program like Google's. Another issue could be the carrier, which may have its own limitations. Sending a link to the photo is always a better way.

Alternative messaging apps include Avocado, Whats App, and Kik.

Watch Jonathan from Florida Comments

Jonathan was watching Google I/O and he has to admit that Google Photos blew him away. Leo says that it is incredible that they have unlimited photo storage. Leo says Google has nailed it with unlimited storage of photos under 16MP. Anything above 16MP, it will either compress them slightly or it will give you 25GB to store photos at full resolution. But even with the 16MP compression, Google uses their own proprietary compression algorithms, and professional photographers say it's outstanding.

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Watch Zach from Louisville, KY Comments

Zach lost a bunch of videos and wants to know if he can recover them. He's on a Mac. Leo says that the first thing he'll have to do is stop using his phone. The videos are still there until they get overwritten. Leo says the problem with relying on Cloud backup is that if he deletes the original, he no longer has a backup. So if the cloud backup failed, then he's stuck.

Leo advises trying to mount the phone via USB as a hard drive. Then use a program from EaseUS, which has an Android data recovery program he can run and get the videos back.

Watch Debbie from San Marcos, CA Comments

Debbie has an old 2007 MacBook. She can't plug her iPhone to it and transfer her data. iPhoto keeps quitting on her. Leo says that she can turn on Wi-Fi syncing on the phone and use that option. It's slower, but it will work without crashing. iCloud Syncing is also a good option. Then she can sync it without even running iPhoto.

Watch Ted from Penn Valley, CA Comments

Ted keeps getting a popup to update the Flash player, but it keeps quitting while upgrading. Leo recommends going directly to and get the direct installer to upgrade it.

Watch Dave from LaMesa, CA Comments

Dave's office is having trouble rerouting URLs within his office network. Leo suspects there's a redirect block on the network. It could be a rule that's been put on the network. Another option is to flush the DNS cache to wipe out that file so it can properly reroute. He can open a command line (windows Key +R) and type IPConfig /flushDNS. This way it won't rely on the list of DNS settings on his router or network and then moves on to the DNS registrar for the proper DNS address. It then will put the proper DNS in his router and it shouldn't happen anymore. Since the computers work outside the network, it points directly to the router. He can even bypass the router and connect directly to the modem. If that works, then he'll know for sure.

Watch Matt from Ventura, CA Comments

Matt wants to create restore discs for his computer. Leo says that's always a good idea, so that he can restore back to the factory configuration before he starts diagnosing. Making one on a USB key is a great option. He can also buy recovery discs from the manufacturer if he'd rather not do it. Leo recommends the Ultimate Boot CD and HiRen (or HBCD). Both should be free. It has some great utilities.

He can image his hard drive, too. Imaging options include:

Watch Brian from Irvine, CA Comments

Brian and other employees want to chip in and buy a 40" HDTV for their boss. Is Insignia a good option? Leo says that Insignia is Best Buy's house brand. He wouldn't choose that over Vizio. That's where Leo would go. They offer tremendous value for the money.

Should he go larger than 40? Leo says maybe, if he can afford it. Samsung? Leo says yes, Samsung is great, as is LG, Sharp, and Sony. But Vizio is the best bang for Brian's buck.

Watch Doctor Mom from New York, NY Comments

Doctor Mom likes the Amazon Echo because they keep updating it, and it gets better and better. Leo says he agrees, but he still hasn't gotten his. Doctor Mom says that the most interesting option is that it will stream Audible and whisper sync allows you to pick up where you left off on your phone. But Doctor Mom says that for $150 (for Prime members) it's fantastic. It also integrates with If This Then That, making it a great way to control things in your home by using your voice. Currently Amazon only allows you to buy one Echo, and they're taking forever to make them.