Why can't I stream HBO Go on my PS3?

Episode 1200 (10:22)

Cynthia from Malibu, CA

Cynthia is having issues with streaming HBO Go on her PS3. Is this a bandwidth issue? Leo says it likely could be. But if she's streaming Netflix with no problem, then she'll have to look elsewhere. She should try using another streaming option like Roku. Cynthia should log into HBO.com and see if she can stream from her laptop. If she can, then it's an issue with the PS3. She should also connect her hardware via ethernet and see if it will stream from there. Another issue may be congestion when she's streaming wirelessly. There's probably a lot of people connecting wirelessly and streaming.

James: We found that after updating recently, we had to reset the router's SSID and password then reacquire it.