What's the story behind your "Right On the Air" sign?

Episode 1200 (1:49:30)

Fernando from Nuremberg, Germany

Fernando had been watching Leo and Tech TV on the C-Band in Mexico. He's wondering what the Right On the Air sign that sits behind Leo is all about. It has a 70's hippie look to it. It comes from an old San Francisco radio station, KKSF, when Leo moved to the area. He was on a station called Clock FM that bought KKSF. The transfer of ownership happened at noon, and the DJ from the rock station played Blue Oyster Cult before walking out the door. Leo then came in to start playing some Neil Diamond song, and he asked the rock DJ if he could keep the On the Air sign. He said he could. So he's had it ever since, and studio engineers John and Burke hooked it up so it lights up when his mic is live.