Chris Marquardt

Episode 1200 (59:51)

Chris Marquardt

Today's photo segment has been pre-recorded because Leo is on a trip to Germany, where Chris Marquardt is located. He's on a river cruise through the Netherlands down the Rhine, and will be stopping at several cities and castles. One of Leo and Chris's favorite things to do while traveling is taking pictures, and Chris says he likes to capture different cultures. He went to to areas of India with limited tourism. He says one of the things you'll learn as a photographer is there are different standards when it comes to things like eye contact and personal space. If you stare at someone in the US, it's seen as a bit of an intrusion, but in other countries staring is an opportunity to make eye contact and get a smile back.

Chris's trick is to see someone coming his way and wait for them to make eye contact. When they do, they may be surprised to see him, and he'll give them a big smile and he usually gets a big smile back. Another thing he'll do is hold up the camera and gesture from afar. This signals that he wants to get a picture, and gets past the language barriers.

Chris found it interesting to see the combination of tradition and modern culture integrating together. He said it wasn't uncommon to see a Buddhist monk with a smartphone, for instance. There are a lot of things that you wouldn't expect to see when traveling to a place with a foreign culture.

Leo says he likes to also shoot short video clips to keep as a kind of travel log. Chris says these video clips can be edited together to tell some sort of a story as well.