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Watch Cynthia from Malibu, CA Comments

Cynthia is having issues with streaming HBO Go on her PS3. Is this a bandwidth issue? Leo says it likely could be. But if she's streaming Netflix with no problem, then she'll have to look elsewhere. She should try using another streaming option like Roku. Cynthia should log into and see if she can stream from her laptop. If she can, then it's an issue with the PS3. She should also connect her hardware via ethernet and see if it will stream from there. Another issue may be congestion when she's streaming wirelessly. There's probably a lot of people connecting wirelessly and streaming.

James: We found that after updating recently, we had to reset the router's SSID and password then reacquire it.

Watch Cynthia from Malibu, CA Comments

Cynthia plugged her iPhone into her laptop and when she did, it shut down her Mac. She was told that it could do that with a third party USB cable. Leo says it's not likely a compatibility issue, but it could be a short in the cable. What about a message that says "battery needs service?" Leo says that's more likely the issue as batteries do stop charging after about 500 recharge cycles. So Leo believes the shut down was coincidental. Getting a new battery should solve that problem.

Watch Gail from Covina, CA Comments

Gail has decided to "learn to love" Windows 8.1, and is now wondering if it's worth upgrading to Windows 10. Leo says he merely tolerates Windows 8.1, and the good news it that several of its annoying features such as the charms bar are going away in Windows 10. The Start button will also return with a hybrid menu that combines the traditional Start menu with the Windows 8 tile interface. Leo foresees some issues with that interface, though, since it will cause more clutter when adding programs.

Gail is wondering if Microsoft will automatically download and update the OS. Leo says no, she will have to accept that invitation.

Watch Michael from Gadsen, AL Comments

Michael has a home based business and would like to have his search results pop up higher. Will Search Engine Optimzation help? Leo says no -- it's snake oil. And it could cause Google to penalize him by downranking him or removing him from search entirely. SEOs overpromise and under deliver.

Leo recommends following Google's tutorials at, and he will learn everything he needs to know to get better search engine results.

Watch "Old Geek" from The Bronx Comments

Old Geek has issues with his answering/fax machine. Leo says he can set a fax machine and an answering machine for different rings, but if he has them on one line, he won't be able to tell the difference between a fax or a voice message. Some have a pass-through for a fax and if he doesn't get the tone, it will pass the call to the voicemail machine. If he doesn't have that, then he's out in the cold.

The best way to solve this is to get an eFax account and then he can just get the faxes sent to his email. How about Google Voice? Will it send faxes? Leo says no, but he can use it as his voicemail.

Watch Ron from Mountainview, CA Comments

Ron wonders why he hasn't gotten a Windows 10 invite. Will he get left out? Leo says no. Although not everyone is getting that invitation, and Microsoft isn't saying why, they do say that everyone with Windows 7 and above will get a free version of Windows 10.

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Watch Aaron from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Aaron has had his Gmail account for 10 years. How can he backup his email to his hard drive? Leo says that any email client can do that via IMAP. Thunderbird by Mozilla is an option because it uses the standard MBX mailbox format so Aaron can access them in plain text.

Leo says the good news is Google is inexpensive for storage. It's free for 15 GB, and it's only $2 a month for 100 GB of storage. Leo likes having his email with Google because then it's all easily searchable from anywhere.

Watch Brian from Indiana Comments

Brian has trouble watching streaming video: the internet "cuts out" on him. Leo says it sounds like an overheating router. The router is just a cheap, dumb computer and if it's running a lot of streaming, chances are his router is overheating. If it is, then it may be time to get a new one. Same thing with the modem. He should also try unplugging the router, waiting ten seconds, and plug it back in. If it comes back, then he'll know he needs a new router.

Watch Matthew from Lorton, VA Comments

Matthew has been having issues with iMessages where he doesn't get messages from friends. He's also dealt with the iPhone text bug that shuts down his phone. Leo says that Apple has recognized a problem with the core text of iMessage that caused it, and it's very difficult to patch it.

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Watch Jim from Houston, TX Comments

Jim is using Windows 8.1 and he's being asked to sign in with his Microsoft account. Leo says that both Windows and Apple are now doing that and he finds it annoying. He can set it up without it, but they'll bug him with it. Windows 10, however, will require it. How does that affect running as a standard user? Will he have to have multiple Microsoft accounts? Leo says he doesn't really know. But that's a good issue to bring up.

The chatroom says that he can also go into "Manage Accounts" and turn on a local administrator account. That will prevent having to log in. The chatroom also says that he will be able to use the same Microsoft account for both.

Watch Linda from Cranston, RI Comments

Linda wants a Windows laptop for doing Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Quickbooks, and storing photos. Leo says any Windows laptop will be able to handle that, as those tasks aren't very demanding. She will need plenty of storage, though, for the photos. Linda doesn't mind if it's heavy, but she does want a big screen on it. It's basically a desktop replacement. She'd like to find something under $500, if possible. Leo recommends not going too far under $500, though. HP makes the Stream laptops which are around $200, but they're slow, the screen isn't the best, and the keyboard's not great.

Leo says a 4th gen i5 Intel processor would be adequate, with 8 gigs of RAM. Given what she wants to do, she'll want at least a 512GB hard drive. She should be able to find those things for $500. Leo likes Dell, and in this case she'd be getting one of their Inspiron laptops. The new 15 inch laptop with the specs Leo quoted start at $400.

Leo also likes Lenovo, although he wouldn't recommend getting a consumer level $500 laptop from them. He also likes Acer and Asus laptops, but Leo would get one of the higher priced Acer models as the quality of the consumer products aren't as good.

Watch Paul from Palmdale, CA Comments

Paul bought a cheap $60 tablet. Is that a good deal? Leo says that sometimes it's a false economy to go that cheap. If he has a kid, though, it may be smart to have an inexpensive tablet in case it broke or was lost.

Leo says if it's just not on, it probably lost its charge. Paul should plug it in and let it sit for a long time. Then log in and reset the default settings. That should bring it back up and running. But if not, it was only $60 and he isn't out much. Can he take it apart and fix the screen? Leo says maybe.

Watch Paul from Palmdale, CA Comments

Paul used to write his daughter messages from the tooth fairy in a cryptic, fairy-looking font on Windows XP. Then she would change the font to read the messages. Now he has a CD with these notes on it, but none of the documents can be read because he doesn't have a Windows XP computer with that font installed anymore. How can he find that font?

Leo doesn't think this was a Windows XP font, he thinks it was something that came installed with Roxio CD creator or something. But Paul says this definitely was a Windows XP font. The chatroom found this link to a Microsoft page where Paul could download a Windows XP font pack. He can also look in the document itself and see what font it is that he used. He should open it in a text-only program like Notepad, and there will be a formatting command that will say the name of the font before the text. It could be the Wingdings font.

Watch Chuck from Ashville, AL Comments

Chuck runs Windows 7 via Boot Camp on the Mac. After Windows did an update, it wouldn't boot up anymore. It would just keep rebooting by the time it would get to the login screen. He can boot up into Safe Mode and do a restore, but it doesn't help.

Leo says it could be a corrupted driver that's stopping the bootup process. Windows update may also have overwritten his drivers and installed the wrong one since Chuck uses a Mac with Bootcamp. Chuck should try booting back into OS X and run the Boot Camp installer again. He should use the "Make Drivers Disc" option then reboot and reinstall those drivers in Safe Mode.

Watch Jim from Atlanta, GA Comments

Jim wants to know if he can use Waze in New Zealand. Leo says that it looks like Waze does support New Zealand. So his issue is going to be with data. Google Maps would allow him to precache map information before hand, so he could do that while at the hotel. But Waze does not have an offline mode. So he'll have to get a local SIM card in order to have data.

Jim should check out Also, check out Here Maps. It's an app from Nokia that works really great. But it still won't give him traffic information without a connection to the internet.

Watch Fernando from Nuremberg, Germany Comments

Fernando had been watching Leo and Tech TV on the C-Band in Mexico. He's wondering what the Right On the Air sign that sits behind Leo is all about. It has a 70's hippie look to it. It comes from an old San Francisco radio station, KKSF, when Leo moved to the area. He was on a station called Clock FM that bought KKSF. The transfer of ownership happened at noon, and the DJ from the rock station played Blue Oyster Cult before walking out the door. Leo then came in to start playing some Neil Diamond song, and he asked the rock DJ if he could keep the On the Air sign. He said he could. So he's had it ever since, and studio engineers John and Burke hooked it up so it lights up when his mic is live.