How can I see if my identity has been stolen?

Episode 1199 (1:04:48)

Mike from Hawthorne, CA

Mike needs to buy a new hard drive. Leo says they've gotten really large and really cheap. He could get a 5 TB hard drive for under $150. And SSDs have dropped below $1 a GB.

Back in 2013, Mike noticed he's had several negative dings on his credit. Leo says to check out his credit report to see if there's fraud or other inaccuracies it. If so, he can challenge them. But if he's a victim of identity theft, it's a hard thing to convince not only the credit agencies, but also the credit card companies and the IRS that he's had his identity stolen.

Checking his credit report is the place to start, though. And he'll want it from all three agencies. The good news is that he can get a report for free, and he can put a fraud alert on his credit cards so that he can be warned if unauthorized use of his credit cards is in progress.