Why is my Microsoft account sending me to an Outlook.com inbox when my email is with AOL?

Episode 1198 (35:34)

Bob from Atlanta, GA

Bob has a Microsoft account that he created using an AOL email address. He was checking his email and inadvertently got into an Outlook.com environment. He's wondering if he can back out of that without affecting his One Drive, Skype, and other Microsoft apps associated with that account. Leo says that by default, anyone with a Microsoft account, even if it's tied to another email address, has an Outlook.com account. Leo says he can just ignore that. He doesn't think there's any harm in that.

Leo says at some point, Bob might want to convert everyone to a different account. Leo suggests registering a domain name, and then forward it to AOL. Should he decide to use a different email provider, he can just change that forwarding. But he doesn't have to worry about his email going to an Outlook address unless he changes his email to that address.