Why can't I read PDFs in Adobe Acrobat?

Episode 1198 (1:48:43)

Irene from San Diego, CA

Irene downloaded Adobe Reader 11, but when she downloads a PDF, she gets a bunch of editing features and no document. Leo says that sounds like she has the distiller, and not the reader. It works fine on Windows 8, but not on her other machine. Leo says it's maddening and she really shouldn't limp along dealing with it. Leo says that some PDFs may be locked, and she won't be able to open them unless she has a password.

She could try another reader like CutePDF, which is free. She can even open PDFs in Google Docs. Leo wonders if there's something odd like malware or a rogue toolbar on her device. She should press the Windows Key + R and type in "MRT". This will activate the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and scan it for known malware.