Should I buy my next phone before moving to Italy?

Episode 1198 (52:03)

Michael from Sacramento, CA

Michael is retiring to Italy. Leo says that's exciting! He has a Samsung Galaxy Note III. Will it work in Europe? Leo says probably, but he'll have to have it unlocked. If he wants to get a new one, should he get it where he is now in the US or in Italy? Leo says that if he buys it here, again, he'll need to unlock it. He'd also have to buy it outright, and not subsidized through a carrier. The key is to be sure it has all the frequencies he needs. But he should get ready for some sticker shock because there is no subsidizing in Europe, plus there's VAT taxes, exchange rates, etc.

Leo says that waiting is probably the best idea because the plans are overall less expensive there. So he may pay more up front, but he'll save more in the long run. Will he still have access to all his services? Leo says probably. But some may have not gone international yet, so there could be limitations. Sarah Lane traveled around the world, blogging, and had no issues. And that was 10 years ago already.