How can I prevent getting an expensive cellphone bill overseas?

Episode 1198 (1:58:06)

Zenia from Inglewood, CA

Zenia is going to Africa next month for a wedding, and she's worried about taking her phone. Leo says that the most expensive thing is data roaming. So the first thing she should do is go in the settings and turn off data roaming. That means she won't get any data while out of the country. However, T-Mobile, Zenia's carrier, offers unlimited international texting, affordable calling, and free EDGE data. It's not fast and she'll probably have to verify that the country she's in will support it. If not, she can always buy an international data roaming plan.

Zenia should go check how much data she uses every month. This will give her an idea of what she'll have to buy. Another option is to buy a local data SIM or MyFi card to access data. A MyFi will enable her to use cellular as if it were Wi-Fi.