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Episode 1198 June 21, 2015

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Audience Questions

Audience QuestionsHour 1

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Watch Marcus from Wisconsin Comments

Marcus has a new cochlear implant that uses Bluetooth and he wants to know if he can get a regular Bluetooth headset for the other ear and get stereo sound. Leo says it's doable, but he'll have an issue with sync. He'll want to be sure that his implant is A2DP compliant so he can get the best quality sound.

Jammer B, our studio engineer, says there's a way to do this. He'll need a pair of Bluetooth transmitters. Then Marcus can split the analog out of his computer, and plug the transmitters in. Or he could get just one transmitter and then plug them in the headphones for his good ear.

Watch Aiden from Hobbes, NM Comments

Aiden wants to know if investing in domain names is a good idea. Leo says that domain investing is just a fancy term for domain squatting. Leo doesn't think this is a legit practice. It's also risky as the ICANN can award trademarked domains to the trademark owner for free, leaving him out in the cold. Generic terms can be a risk, but he'd only need one to pay off for it to succeed.

Watch Bob from Atlanta, GA Comments

Bob has a Microsoft account that he created using an AOL email address. He was checking his email and inadvertently got into an environment. He's wondering if he can back out of that without affecting his One Drive, Skype, and other Microsoft apps associated with that account. Leo says that by default, anyone with a Microsoft account, even if it's tied to another email address, has an account. Leo says he can just ignore that. He doesn't think there's any harm in that.

Leo says at some point, Bob might want to convert everyone to a different account. Leo suggests registering a domain name, and then forward it to AOL. Should he decide to use a different email provider, he can just change that forwarding. But he doesn't have to worry about his email going to an Outlook address unless he changes his email to that address.

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Dennis from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Dennis bought a used Lenovo T61 with Windows XP and recovery discs. He bought Windows 7 64 bit and sought to install it, but he can't. Leo says that Dennis may want to try 32 bit instead because of the age of the machine. Leo suggests wiping the drive because XP can't upgrade past Windows 7. So he should wipe the drive and give it a native installation.

Watch Michael from Sacramento, CA Comments

Michael is retiring to Italy. Leo says that's exciting! He has a Samsung Galaxy Note III. Will it work in Europe? Leo says probably, but he'll have to have it unlocked. If he wants to get a new one, should he get it where he is now in the US or in Italy? Leo says that if he buys it here, again, he'll need to unlock it. He'd also have to buy it outright, and not subsidized through a carrier. The key is to be sure it has all the frequencies he needs. But he should get ready for some sticker shock because there is no subsidizing in Europe, plus there's VAT taxes, exchange rates, etc.

Leo says that waiting is probably the best idea because the plans are overall less expensive there. So he may pay more up front, but he'll save more in the long run. Will he still have access to all his services? Leo says probably. But some may have not gone international yet, so there could be limitations. Sarah Lane traveled around the world, blogging, and had no issues. And that was 10 years ago already.

Watch Jim from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Jim has an Android Wear smartwatch and recently, when going to McDonalds, he got an image of a hamburger on it. Leo says that it could be Snapchat that does it. McDonald's has paid for stickers of burgers and fries that users can use when Snapchatting. Location based advertising is a common occurrence now.

Watch Vicky from Temecuila, CA Comments

Vicky works out of her house in California, while her office is back East. Since they've added McAfee on her computer, her passwords aren't being saved in her browser. Leo's not a fan of McAfee, but since Vicky has no choice, she should check her settings to see if there's something triggered that's preventing it. Can she use post it notes? Leo says sure, because she works at home and that's not going to hurt. She can also keep a notebook.

Vicky should find out from her IT department if she can use a password vault like LastPass. Then she would save the passwords there instead of her browser, and LastPass will automatically enter them as needed.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Drew from Ventura Beach, CA Comments

Drew has taken over 1,000 photos on his iPhone and he wants to put them online. Leo says that Google Photos is a brilliant solution for that. It just came out and he'll get unlimited free storage from 16 MP or less, plus video. He can also create folders and slideshows. Leo's going to do this for his trip. Drew can then share the collections via link, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. iCloud can also do it through iCloud Drive. But he has to enable it.

Watch Alan from Houston, TX Comments

Alan would like to take the existing system he has and wipe it to get ready for the upgrade to Windows 10. He's wondering how Microsoft is planning to do the upgrade. Leo says that there will be a clean install upgrade available, but nobody really knows how it will work. Paul Thurrott has an article on it. He'll download an ISO disc image, put that on a bootable USB (great idea) or burn it to a DVD, save the key, and activate it. It'll be pretty straight forward.

Watch Theo from West Hills, CA Comments

Theo's daughter has $500 and wants a computer for school. Leo says he likes Chromebooks, and $500 will get her quite a bit. It's all web based, so if that's her main focus, it's a great choice. It does have 16GB storage for offline access.

There are other choices as well, like the Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet, which comes with Windows 8. The HP Stream is about $300. The Dell Inspiron 15" Touchscreen is about $375. Just remember, that anything under $500 is going to have compromises in hardware.

Watch Irene from San Diego, CA Comments

Irene downloaded Adobe Reader 11, but when she downloads a PDF, she gets a bunch of editing features and no document. Leo says that sounds like she has the distiller, and not the reader. It works fine on Windows 8, but not on her other machine. Leo says it's maddening and she really shouldn't limp along dealing with it. Leo says that some PDFs may be locked, and she won't be able to open them unless she has a password.

She could try another reader like CutePDF, which is free. She can even open PDFs in Google Docs. Leo wonders if there's something odd like malware or a rogue toolbar on her device. She should press the Windows Key + R and type in "MRT". This will activate the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and scan it for known malware.

Watch Zenia from Inglewood, CA Comments

Zenia is going to Africa next month for a wedding, and she's worried about taking her phone. Leo says that the most expensive thing is data roaming. So the first thing she should do is go in the settings and turn off data roaming. That means she won't get any data while out of the country. However, T-Mobile, Zenia's carrier, offers unlimited international texting, affordable calling, and free EDGE data. It's not fast and she'll probably have to verify that the country she's in will support it. If not, she can always buy an international data roaming plan.

Zenia should go check how much data she uses every month. This will give her an idea of what she'll have to buy. Another option is to buy a local data SIM or MyFi card to access data. A MyFi will enable her to use cellular as if it were Wi-Fi.